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What we offer

uffizis for tenants

COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented effect on our work methods - work from home (WFH), remote working, significant dismissals across different business sectors, top-notch technologies that take part in our day to day operations, and more.

Not only that COVID-19 has caused these work method disruptions, it has, unfortunately, made companies consume their Office portfolio in a very inefficient way. Companies are spending FORTUNE on unused office space. We are here to change it!

​We offer our clients the opportunity to significantly optimize their workspace portfolio by taking 3 simple steps:


Professional Examination

current workspace portfolio examination


Creation of a new workspace strategy

motivated by 2 drivers - cost savings & efficiency 


Full Service 

whether you keep occupying your current workspace or in search for a new workspace, our experts will escort you all the way until you reach your desired destination

​And the best part? We're not gone charge a dime of retainer. We get paid only if we create your savings.

uffizis for landlords

Following the long-lasting lock-down, many Tenants have come to realize that short term commitments are more important than ever. And, that having a flexible workspace that allows growth or reduction is a key for responsible corporate management. Therefore, the demand for flexible workspace by tenants is and will continue to be, stronger than ever. 

​Our unique team has an extensive Flexible Workspace "KNOW-HOW" - we have built and executed 15 Flexible Workspace business Centers across the leading cities in Europe, U.S, and Israel, dealing with the biggest Landlords in the world.

​In some cases, we did it WITH Landlords as Lessors (for example - with the “Blackstone Group” & “Angelo Gordon” in London) and in some cases, we did FOR Landlords as our partners under a Management agreement (“Patrizia” in London & “Rubenstein Partners” in Philadelphia).

​Whether you are thinking about creating your own Flexible Workspace operation or partnering with a Flexible Workspace Operator - we are here for you. 

We know what has to be important for you, and more importantly, we know what you have to be mindful of!

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