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About us

Uffizis (Offices in Italian) is a Boutique Advisory & Services firm that specializes in the Workspaces. 

The Uffizis team includes Real Estate lawyers, Commercial Real Estate experts, Planners, Designers, Project Managers, and Business Analysts. Despite the fact we all come from different professional fields, this is exactly what makes us so unique in our business environment - we have all the needed tools!

Whether you are a Tenant, a Landlord, a Flexible Workspace Operator, or an Investor - we have you covered from bottom to top.

Up until the COVID-19 crisis, most of us worked in the Real Estate Department of Mindspace - one of the leading Flexible Workspace Operators in the world. Mindspace's Real Estate Department, also known as the Business Development Department, is responsible for sourcing, planning, and executing fit-out works projects of new locations.

For most of us, at our time at Mindspace and under our hands, the company grows from 7 global locations to 31 global locations (Israel, Europe & the U.S). The company is well known in the Flexible Workspace industry as one of the top 5 global boutique operators, and we are delighted to take a significant part in the company's wonderful achievement. 

​Then came COVID-19, and due to the unprecedented circumstances of the economic crisis, we had step aside and find a new path.


​Uffizis is our new exciting path.

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