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Uffizis Real Estate

boutique flexible workspace advisory & services


About Us

Uffizis Real Estate is an innovative boutique flexible workspace advisory & services firm

With extensive knowledge and experience in the European Office market and especially in the Flexible Workspace industry - we are your address to any flexible workspace related transaction

In the last few years, we have worked with, and along side, the leading Landlords' in the world


We have accommodated the biggest S&P 500 enterprises. And, we established outstanding relationships with the best Real Estate advisors  all across Europe

We did all this in significant roles at Mindspace, one of the leading flexible workspace providers in Europe

As such, we have all the needed tools in order to assist your organization with any workspace needs your organization might have


Whether you are a  Landlord, Flexible Workspace Provider, Tenant or an Office Investor - we’ve got you covered

About Us
What We Offer

uffizis for landlords



The rules of game have changed. Yes, Covid-19 has a significant part in the new rules of the Office Market, however Covid-19 is mainly an accelerator of a disruption started in 2010 by Flexible Workspace Providers 

Many Tenants have come to realize that short term lease commitments and flexibility are crucial for their responsible corporate risk management

Therefore, Landlords HAVE to add flexible workspace offerings in their Office portfolios

Our team has an extensive Flexible Workspace "KNOW-HOW" - we have built and executed 15 successful Flexible Workspace business centers across the leading cities in Europe and we have examined hundreds of Flexible Workspace opportunities

Whether you think about creating your own flex’ operation or co-operating with a flex’ workspace provider - we’ll be happy to provide you the best flex’ workspace practice there is

uffizis for flexible workspace providers

Are you a Flexible Workspace provider? Having thoughts about future expansion? Thinking about acquiring a competitor? Having challenges to highly occupy your space? Having problems Considering a Management (Partnership) Agreement? Need a thorough professional market research?

Give us a shout - we could definitely help you out! 

The founder


Elad is a Commercial Real Estate specialist. In the past 12 years, since graduating Law School in 2008, Elad has served in various Real Estate roles, including:

  • Real Estate Manager - Elbit Systems Hi-Tech & Industrial Park

    • Asset Management

  • Managing Partner - Sigma City Fund & Sigma Alternative Real Estate Investments - Sigma–Andbank Investment House

    • Real Estate capital raising, financing & transactions. 

  • Director of Real Estate - Mindspace

In his last role as a Director of Real Estate at Mindspace (one of the world's leading Flexible Workspace providers), Elad was responsible for the Real Estate expansion of Mindspace in some of Europe's largest markets - London, Berlin, Amsterdam and others

Elad's main achievements under Mindspace:

Leading 15 transactions out of the company's 31 locations

Managing and leading the expansion in the most competitive Flexible Workspace market in the world - London - and creating a very well recognized brand in London's Office sector

Managing one of the largest Management (Partnership) Agreements to ever be signed in Europe's Flexible workspace industry. The deal was signed with a leading European Asset Manager which manages €41B of RE assets

Co-managing the acquisition of a Dutch Flexible Workspace provider

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